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Thirteenth Exile - Into Nothing - CD

Thirteenth ExilePosted by Rickard Lautrup Sun, March 02, 2014 11:28:43

Stockholm based Thirteenth Exile's follow up album to their debut "Assorted Chaos and Broken Machinery". The new album "Into Nothing" is a masterpiece with both dark electronics and memorable lyrics.

On the opening track "The Worm" Svegsjƶ takes his dark rhythms and frenetic strength in vocals at a new level. On "Life Eraser" the vocals get even more brutal and the frustration becomes real. "My Legacy" follows with a slower beat just to get back on agony level with up-tempo classic "Pain Receiver". In "A Perfect World" cinematic hypnotized arranged bombastic soundscapes are accomponied with vocals crying for help.

Thirteenth Exile also pays a tribute to one of their favourite acts; Portishead with the excellent cover version of "Wandering Star". With monolithic details and massive beats - the album "Into Nothing" is nothing but pure electronic love.

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